Things to keep in mind traveling with your dog


It isn’t an exaggeration when I say that our dogs are our family and almost everyone that owns one is ferociously protective about their fur babies from their meals to keeping a tab on their vaccination, their ticks,their grooming products, a responsible dog owner knows that bringing a pet home isn’t all cheese and cakes but still looks forward to spending every single day with these lil bundles of joy and laughter. Still everything is not sunshine when it comes to them, with almost every second vacation post on Instagram leaving you breathless and wanting for more,having travel goals and an entire bucket list dedicated to them is no biggie.

Traveling isn’t just about going on exotic vacations and showing off on social media, traveling these days has opened realms to know the true self,understand the roots of ones being but just like everything great comes with a price, traveling for dog owners comes with a setback of leaving your baby behind under someone Else’s supervision or at times on their own with some dog food,water and poop bags.One huge reason for the dilemma almost every dog lover faces when planning a trip.The only solution to it is planning a trip with your dog to save yourself all the worries and emotional strain it takes when leaving one behind.

Let’s follow these simple instructions like a to-do list when planning a trip with your dog:

  1. Get them vaccinated

Yes your Vet clock is ticking and it’s ticking early, cos this time you happened to take your dog on trip with you. Tell your Vet about your plans of a trip and keep him/her informed about the weather conditions, take precautionary measures if any on Vet’s advice. Getting your dog treated for ticks or any creepy crawlies hiding behind their shiny fur is big YES.

2. Mind their manners

It’s non negotiable that your fur babies are dear to you like a family member and who doesn’t like spoiling them a bit with a treat or two but do you expect them to have their way in in the outer world?? Just like kids, dogs too need to learn a thing or two about etiquette cos being a spoiled brat isn’t going to take you places. Foremost get them potty trained, teach them to behave when among crowd and kids,teach them the world isn’t an open plate and not everything lying on road is a treat in itself.

3. Get the stuff, pack the stuff

Planning for a trip and you haven’t shopped?? like seriously, you believe you are bear grylls on some hawaian adventure?? Just like any other sane person in this world, dogs have requirements too when going on a trip, add a harness or a carrier the first thing to it, you weren’t planning to take your dog doing Zumba all over your vehicle, isn’t it?? Pack dog food, fresh water, napkins for teeny weeny spills here and there, poop bags, chew toys (cos your playlist sucks), first aid kit, bedding, a spare leash and collar and some treats.

4.Get them tagged and double check

World isn’t as homely as dogs think it is, there are many strange people and situation out there and dogs might not understand it when lectured upon (just like the teenagers) For situations unwanted always keep few pictures of your dog with you, tag their collar properly and in huge font for it to be clear and readable. Just for the safety sake people have even started getting their dogs chipped at some nice lab or micro chip facility to avoid any misshaping.

When you are done, please tighten your seat belts cos the road is going to be a bit bumpy but the experience is going to be one long lasting memory to celebrate.

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