Come out and vote – Katy Perry is naked


Could there be more reason to get outside? Katy Perry is making a point about those that don’t bother voting in presidential elections. Her belief is that not enough of the electorate actually come out to vote, leading to results which could have perhaps swung the other way, if those people came out.

We all know the type: “I hate what this prime minister/president is up to, how the hell did they get into power?” – “Did you vote?” – “No, it’s all fixed anyway”

Clearly it isn’t fixed, do you remember the Lib Dems somehow getting a shared trip to 10 downing street? Wasn’t pretty was it.

To make the point even clearer Katy Perry stated that “You know, November 8 is election day, and I’ve got some great news: This year, you can look like shit when you vote.”

Taking a quick glance at the mirror, Katy Perry pronounced herself “Perfect” even though she didn’t look exactly great! But still, Katy Perry is naked so that would get me to the polls. Fingers crossed more attractive celebrities will be making the same trip down to their polling station.

It didn’t exactly end well for Katy however as she found herself in handcuffs, which did not seem to bother her one bit! “I read the constitution! I know that I have the right to vote naked,” she says. Did you read it, or did you just briefly scan it?” one of the officers asks.

To be honest, I shouldn’t think there is ANY mention of such a right, but equally I wouldn’t say there is anything against it either…

Make sure you vote this year, as its looking like it could be a close call between Clinton and Trump! Whomever wins, they are going to need some serious guts to get America out of its current financial crisis.

News Source : Notey

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