Woman Spots the Ghost of her Dead Dog!


A woman from North Carolina believes she has just spotted the ghost of her dead dog whilst she was filming her new puppy as it played along her wooden floor!

See what you think?

Not overly convincing is it? But there is defiantly something there. This story begins with the grieving of Kimberley Pearce after her beloved cocker spaniel, Sadie sadly passed away. Kimberley had to fill the new gap in her life so bought herself a new puppy; Bella who features in the above clip.

Is this the eternal bond of man and dog? Or is this just seeing what we want to see and believing what we want to believe?

Personally I like the idea that Kim’s dog has come back to visit her during playtime one last time. Why can’t we have a little less skepticism in the world…

NEWS SOURCE: Dailymail

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