Grandpa Gets the Car of his Dreams


Sometimes the best feeling in the world is to give someone what they have always wanted! And that’s exactly what one family did for their Grandfather or Pop pop he is called.

In the video we see Pop pop going outside for a surprise, which he assumes is his family buying a brand new car for his granddaughter. But it couldn’t have been any more different.

When the car is revealed and is an Antique Mercedes which was once owned by actress Christie Brinkley, Pop pop’s grandson tells him that this fantastic classic care is actually his for ever.

As you can see, he literally cannot believe it and it takes a few moments before the stunned grandfather can get into his dream car and get behind the wheel of it. With its leather interior and fully featured original body, he literally cannot believe the generosity of his family.

I just hope my grandfather doesn’t watch this and want more than socks from me this Christmas! No way can I afford to get him something like that.

NEWS SOURCE : Dailymail

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