5 Indian destinations for weed lovers


India the land of mystic creatures and undescribed phenomenal beauty,the place of worship for some, the land of diverse religions to many, while some call it the original birthplace of hippie culture, some find it is the answer to their yogic calling. The land of KAMASUTRA is also home to it’s mystic Shiva tradition of puffing the grass away to glory.

The history of weed love can be found in ancient mythological scriptures swearing on the medicinal properties of weed (bhang). The Omkara or Shiva is known to puff chillam stuffed with high quality weed with his bhakts, even till now Bhang (weed mixed with lassie)a sweetened yogurt drink is specially prepared on Mahashivratri and served as a delicacy. Even though smoking weed is still illegal in most parts of India, one seldom gets to hear accounts of harassment by the authority.

India ranks 14th among the nations, when it comes to availability of stuff,safety and availability of safe space to smoke

Below mentioned are the places meant for weed lovers to connect better with the inner self, isn’t that a huge reason to opt for green glasses anyway?? Just have a look and judge for yourself:


shiva cafe mcleodganjDon’t you lose your focus food lovers. This place is much more than food and exotic roadside stalls lining all along the roads. The place known as the new hubba Bubba of every college student from Delhi may look like the new Hauz khas to many but the fresh stuff and the exoticism of Naddi hills isn’t anyway near to no standards of Delhi’s rave joints.


KasolThe foreigner’s paradise and an ultimate weed destination to almost anyone even slightly interested in getting lost in the ultimate nirvana. Most sorted out hippie destination for the new age traveler Kasol is getting a bit too cliché but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the stuff to swear by, lack of proper lonely spot might be an issue though. But for those who like the bigger the group the better this place is meant to be.


weed lovers from the land of Gods KeralaCrediting myself with the pleasure of meeting some of the most hardcore weed lovers from the land of Gods, this place is your place to drown yourself in the feels of loaded availability of high quality weed in every known space to mankind. I suggest you rent a houseboat, load it with truck loads of herb and meet the Gods yourself.


Goa The Paolem beachThe already hyped Goa nights are still a vogue attraction to all the noobs looking for some fun frolic adventure while they roll their joint. The Paolem beach is one place to look for when your stack has started finishing but the tongues have finally started talking.


The land of Nirvana(moksha) VaranasiWhen they say the life ends and starts at the very ghats of Varanasi,they are not exaggerating to say the least. Smoking and drinking weed since centuries have given almost everyone an insight on the uses and the amount to be. Prepared, when rolling the chillam (traditional cigar). The land of Nirvana (moksha) has so much to serve to everyone who seeks.

So of you are still wondering where to head for the solo trip that you have been planning to go since time unknown. I would suggest to rush before the spot meant for you gets occupied by another pair of bums.

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